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Research & Development

Combining state-of-the-art technologies to deliver innovative solutions

At QualySense we believe in research and collaboration for a better world – that’s why we have partnered with some of the best research centres in the world to develop new grading standards and new applications that benefits both the industry and the research environment. Our devices can be used in breeding, new product development, research and educational programs.

Breeding Industry

We help breeders all over the world accelerate their research programs by providing reliable solutions for selecting the right seeds. The non-destructive and non-invasive method developed by QualySense ensures robust results and high speed screening of several seed traits in a number of scenarios.

Improve the quality of the final product and guarantee premium seed productions with the QSorter Explorer.

Example of applications:

  • Improve varieties for yield
  • Improve varieties for resistance to diseases
  • Mix seed populations in F3/F4
  • Increase population uniformity in F7/F8
  • Improve quality of the final products
  • Full statistics on a kernel base and on the batch level

Are you a breeder or do you work in the breeding industry ? We have a wide variety of options available for you. Combine analysis with advanced sorting capabilities to speed up your processes. Contact us to find out how we can help.

New Product Development

The quality of the food products strongly depends on the quality of the raw materials used in their production such as grains, seeds, and beans. The unique capabilities of the QSorter Explorer enable the non-destructive and non-invasive selection of kernels with respect to one or more quality indicators. Subsequently, the separated kernels can be processed until the final product is obtained. Thanks to this approach the quality propagation (from raw material to final product) can be tracked and new processing ideas can be tested on a small scale.

Example of applications:

  • Premium products
  • High-protein flour
  • From barley to beer
  • Others

Do you work in the Food&Beverage Industry? Got an idea for a new development? Contact us to find out how we can help.

Research & Development

We are a members of various associations in USA and Europe and we work together with scientists from all corners of the world. We have founded together with University of Queensland, USDA, University of Arkansas, Ricetec and IRRI the Rapid Rice Technical Working Group, with the goal of developing new and better quality standards for the global rice industry.

QualySense is offering a flexible solution for research centers and universities interested in studying grains, seeds or beans by combining hyperspectral NIR and machine vision sensing technologies with accurate one by one calibrations.

Read more about the QSorter technology here or ask us for the detailed technical specification.

Interested in working with us? Contact us and discuss with one of our specialists.

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