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Quality Inspection

Automatic and reliable quality inspection

The QSorter technology reduces quality inspection costs and lead time to certification of your commodity. Latest technology sensors, together with accurate calibrations guarantee 99% repeatability of the analysis. Performing multiple tests simultaneously, it accelerates the inspection process, and the sorting capabilities guarantee the classification of the sample into different quality groups for further testing.

The price of your commodity depends on it’s physical and compositional parameters. Determine moisture, protein, oil, sugar content, size, color, shape and other parameters without the use of wet chemistry. Additionally, you can sort the analyzed kernels into multiple quality classes and get the full data of your sample and the data for each individual kernel.

The first device on the market, the QSorter Explorer, can process up to 10 kg/h and analyses each single kernel at a speed of 3000 kernels per minute. Biochemical properties can be assessed, together with geometrical and physical parameters for a more accurate, faster and reliable classification of your sample. We provide you with the game-changing solution you need to stay ahead of your competition!

  • Multiple measurements in one single pass : biochemical properties, damages, defects, impurities, physical traits
  • Fast analysis: 3000 kernels/minute
  • Reliable sorting technology ( 99% repeatability )
  • Easy to operate (no specialized personnel needed)
  • Non-destructive method
  • Full statistics on a kernel base and for each batch

QSorter Explorer: innovative quality inspection methods


  • Wheat grading
    • Broken kernels
    • Grain and other impurities
    • Vitreousness in durum wheat
    • Protein content
    • Insect damage
    • Shrivelled
    • Other physical traits

  • Rice grading ( Read More )
    • Broken kernels
    • Cracks
    • Level of chalkiness
    • Color assessment (whiteness vs. yellowness)
    • Protein content
    • Moisture content
    • Other physical traits

  • Other grading applications

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