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Process Monitoring

Combining state-of-the-art technologies to deliver outstanding production efficiency

The quality of the final product relies on the quality of the raw materials used in production and during the processing line. With high-speed and high accuracies, the QSorter technology is able to sort the input commodity into multiple quality classes, based on a mix of compositional and physical traits.

Having access to the data for each kernel can trigger ideas for new product developments, like high-protein or high-oil premium food solutions, high-sugar fruit selection, or many others.

So far the QSorter technology has been used to support food manufacturers in the production of diet-specific products, like gluten-free oatmeal or cereals. With accuracies of over 95% and very reliable sorting capabilities, the QSorter technology speeds up the quality control and lowers the risk of having contaminated products on the shelves.

What if you’d know exactly what’s inside each grain of your production? How many quality classes would you create? How many new products would you bring to the market? What benefits could you bring to your customers?

  • Multiple measurements in one single pass : biochemical properties, damages, defects, impurities, physical traits
  • Fast analysis: 3000 kernels/minute
  • Reliable sorting technology ( 99% repeatability )
  • Easy to operate (no specialized personnel needed)
  • Non-destructive method
  • Full statistics on a kernel base and for each batch

Enable the true value of your resources with QualySense.

Got ideas for new developments? Contact us and discuss with one of our specialists.

QSorter Explorer: innovative process monitoring solutions


  • Detection of contaminants in gluten-free oats ( Read More )
  • Detection of impurities
    • Other grains
    • Weed seeds
    • Others

  • Qualitative inspection: high vs. low
    • Protein content
    • Oil content
    • Moisture content
    • Others

  • Physical traits
    • Broken kernels
    • Shrivelled
    • Insect damage
    • Color assessment
    • Discolorations
    • Other physical traits

  • Biochemical properties
  • Others
  • In Process Monitoring, the range of applications possible is extremely large. Got ideas for new developments? Contact us and discuss with one of our specialists.

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