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Excellent food quality starts with excellent grains, seeds, and beans.

QualySense develops high-end solutions for a safe and sustainable food supply. By pioneering single-kernel analysis, combining two sensing technologies - Machine Vision and hyperspectral NIR - QualySense is helping seed breeders, food companies and inspection agencies to achieve excellence in nutrition, health and safety.

The unique and proprietary devices enable sorting grains, seeds and beans reliably by biochemical and/or geometrical properties. Our sorting devices, the QSorter series, generate outstanding benefits in quality inspection, process monitoring, and research & development.

QualySense is pioneering high-speed single kernel technologies since 2010 and it's proud to offer the QSorter Explorer, the life science single kernel robot for high-speed accurate analysis and sorting of grains, seeds, and beans. The proprietary and state-of-the-art technology of the QSorter Explorer is the successful outcome of a long collaboration between QualySense and leading academic institutions such as the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), the Swiss Breeding Research Institute (AGROSCOPE), and EMPA, the Swiss Research Institute for Material Research.

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